Hey there 👋🏽! Are you...

> Making a game that needs marketing overview?

> About to launch a game on Steam?

> Pushing a major update that can be covered by Twitchers?

Let's talk! 😼

I'm a game marketing freelancer who can help your PC Game with
advertising, influencers outreach, community management, pick your weapon!


👨‍🔧 - Services - 🎮

Ongoing Consulting

Get an expert point of view to carry your game.

- You get -

Every 1 or 2 weeks we will do a 1 hour conference call with your team.

- Why? -

Ask questions, make the most from my network, get cool deals, make sure you succeed your game launch. The best way to learn while doing.

Influencers Outreach

Gather reviews from Youtubers & Twitchers to boost your sales

- You get -

I reach out to my network of game youtubers & twitchers on your behalf.

- Why? -

Upgrade your branding by sending game keys & paid deals to influencers. Understanding the game casting industry is challenging and a full work, different from press outreach.

Full Scale Campaign

Focus on making the game, I will sell it for you.

- You get -

I will handle everything your game needs: community management, PR, Steam news, influencers outreach and everything there is to do marketing-wise.

- Why? -

Making a game takes a lot of time! Finishing a game often means tough times where you don't want to handle marketing.

Need help for your game marketing?

Ping me!

Discord ID: Tavrox#5610

Twitter @Tavrox
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