Your game probably doesn't have the coverage it needs

Steam is now a crowded marketplace with tons of games launching every week.
Can you reach the audience your game really deserves?

I'll be your communication mercenary

On your release day, you need a nuclear launch.
But you need to build the nuke, step by step.
I can help you with this important moment for your game.


Marketing for France

The only french things you know are Baguette and Cheese? You're missing so much 😏. I have an excellent network in France and could help your game thrive in this region. It's the third biggest European market.


Influencers Outreach

People trust influencers because they create high quality communities and videos 😻. I can talk to them on your behalf and try to get them to show your game.

Community Manager Illustration

Community Manager

You want to spare time to focus on your game? Let me handle the community. I will speak and interact with your community on a daily basis πŸ‘‹. I'm proactive on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and will bond with your customers.

Advertising illustration


Advertising is not evil. Advertising is a way to extend your followers base and show the game to targeted people πŸ˜‡. I can use Twitter, Facebook or Reddit. I can also build a whole UA process!

You have a promising project that needs more coverage?

Let's talk about it.

Skype ID: yannick.elahee

They trust me

Thomas Altenburger

Indie Game Developer
at Flying Oak (Neurovoider)

" Yannick worked with us on NeuroVoider and showed relevant skills to contact streamers and manage their relationships. He's also very proactive about looking for new ways to communicate and market video games by staying up-to-date with the state of the art. He's also keen to experiment and have in-depth knowledge about how games are produced."

Alexandre LautiΓ©

Indie Game Developer
at Wild Factor (MachiaVillain)

" Yannick was the community manager of our successful Kickstarter campaign for the game MachiaVillain. Dynamic, highly motivated and always prone to search for solutions, it was a pleasure to work with him. "

Thomas Sebire

Founder & Programmer
at Glitchr Studio (Sky Sanctuary)

" Yannick has been a big help for us and keeps advising us on strategical points in our communication. As our game was exclusively aimed for VR market, he was able to quickly adapt his communication expertise to fit our needs."

Previous experiences

Battlerite - PC

Multiplayer Explosive 2v2 and 3v3 Battle Arena

  • Regional Manager France for around 50k players
  • French Community Management
  • Tournament and sponsor partnerships
  • General Esport sustain work
  • Bi-Monthly Podcast

Website (Ongoing contract started in June 2017)

Double Kick Heroes - PC

Heavy metal rhythm video game

  • Marketing strategy
  • Community Management
  • Press & influencers relationships

Website (Ongoing contract started in Feb 2016)

MachiaVillain - PC

Horror mansion management game

  • Kickstarter Campaign Overview
  • Community Management
  • Press & influencers relationships

Kickstarter (3 months contract in 2016)

Playdius - PC

Indie game Publisher

  • Youtubers & Twitchers outreach
  • Reddit & Facebook advertising
  • Drupal website coding

Website (6 months contract in 2016)

Neurovoider - PC

Robots take over the world

  • Youtubers & Twitchers outreach

Pixel1na, VitecPlays, The Gamer Maldito, Horny Dragon, Hutts. Steampage: link. (1 month during Playdius contract, 2016)

Smaller Contracts

Sky Sanctuary - PC VR
The way of the samurai

  • Reddit test advertising
  • Social media & PR outreach
  • Strategy for updates

Drifting Lands - PC

  • Twitch & Youtubers influencers outreach

Epistory - PC
Type your way own path

  • Reddit test advertising

Dungeon Rushers - PC
Dungeon crawling with funny folks!

  • Reddit test advertising

Along the Edge - PC

  • French & English PR in collaboration with Ben Dimanche
  • Game Influencers and forums outreach